Lasessor Ltd, an accessories company specializing in scarves, is a Finnish family company with traditions and knowhow dating back some 50 years.

In the 1960s’ a son of a Dutch merchant, Dolf Lassooy, fell in love with a Finnish student of linguistics visiting Holland and followed her to Finland. To employ himself in his new home country he started importing European scarves and became the brand representative for Finland

As time went by the number of brands and products increased and the business grew. In 1992 Dolf, together with his two sons who had joined him, decided to start their own collection, Lasessor. The name Lasessor comes from the family name Lassooy which originates from a French word for silk – la soie – It’s natual that our family follows in the footsteps of our forefathers.

Over the past twenty years Lasessor has grown into the number one scarf brand in Finland, and to this day it is led by Dolf’s two sons, Timy and Tony, who together with a team of skillful accessories professionals do their utmost to bring out the best scarves.

Today Lasessor is working closely with some 50+ fashion accessories producers and brands from around the globe, each having their own field of expertise. With a large selection of brands and producers Lasessor wants to offer the best possible selection and quality to serve all its customers.

Lasessor is sold across Finland from department stores to clothing store chains and smaller boutiques. Lasessor products can be found as well in selected stores in neighboring countries. Lasessor accessories are also available online.

In addition to the Lasessor’s own collections, some internationally well-known brands, such as Fraas and Moomin are represented.


Laws and regulations

Lasessor is committed to comply with national and international laws, regulations and commonly accepted principles and procedures in its business operations. The fundamental laws refer to employee rights, occupational safety, equality, individual’s rights, environment, competition and consumer rights, as well as the laws that concern the products and services provided by Lasessor. The company respects the norms and legal procedures of different cultures in all the countries it operates.

Human rights and personnel

Lasessor supports and respects international human rights that are defined in the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Act. The company will not approve working conditions or treatment that are in contradiction with the laws and practices of relevant nations. Lasessor also follows the Rights of the Child as well as the Labor Rights defined by the international labor organization (ILO).
Lasessor aims at offering safe work environment to its employees. The company is also committed to contribute equal and fair treatment to its personnel.


Lasessor is committed to act responsively and takes environmental aspects into account when making business decisions. Lasessor strives to develop consumer products that are environmentally advanced and tries to reduce environmental impact during product life-cycles.


Lasessor’s success is tied to the success of Lasessor’s customers. Lasessor operates with a long-term commitment to its customers in order to be able to continuously meet and exceed their expectations. The company wants to be the primary supplier for its current and prospective customers. Lasessor fosters mutual trust and fairness with its business partners.


Lasessor’s suppliers are chosen with care and on the basis of objective factors such as quality, reliability, delivery capacity and price. Also the suppliers are expected to comply with the international Human Rights, the Rights of the Child, Labor Rights (ILO) and environmental laws and practices. In addition, suppliers are expected to follow the national laws in the countries they operate in.