Evening gloves are usually used for very festive situations. The best type of glove to use is one that complements the color of a outfit to seemlesly match the look. However, even for festive occasions, gloves are not usually mandatory. The main exception to this are academic celebrations, where either black or white gloves must be worn.

Opera long gloves

Full-length or opera gloves can be worn at a formal party with a black tie dress code. Full-length gloves or opera gloves generally refer to gloves that extend beyond the elbow.

Half-length gloves

Half-length or under-elbow party gloves may be required at events where formal evening dress has been requested. At these events the dress code is usually an evening gown or tuxedo.

Wrist length gloves

With a so-called informal suit, wrist-length, short party gloves can be worn. Even if the full-length party dress has long sleeves, party gloves can still be wrist-length in this case. It is important to note that short gloves are often used for less formal or daytime events.

Jewelry and gloves

A bracelet is usually placed over the party gloves. However, unlike the bracelets, it is custom that rings are always worn underneath the gloves.

Etiquette and gloves

If you like to keep it formal, the following etiquette should be followed:
A woman can shake another woman’s had while she is wearing gloves if her counterpart is also wearing gloves. Otherwise, gloves should be removed from the right hand for the handshake.

A man with a woman can shake hands while still wearing gloves on his hands.

The welcome drink can be enjoyed with gloves on.

In contrast, a woman does not eat or smoke while wearing gloves.

A woman can dance with gloves on.

If the gloves do not have fingers, they generally do not need to be removed for the above mentioned reasons.

If gloves are taken off during a formal event, they can be placed on the lap or on the back of the chair, but never on the table.

Text: Kaisa Virtanen