Terms of service

The right to do business online

In the Lasessor Shine online store, all individuals of legal age can do business. The online store is intended for consumer customers, retailers have their own online store. These terms and conditions apply to the transaction between Lasessor and the consumer when ordering from Lasessor's online store.


Delivery time

All orders arriving at Lasessor's online store are processed as quickly as possible. Delivery leaves our warehouse in 1-2 business days from the order. Our warehouse is located next to our office in Finland, so the products can be delivered right away. When the order has been processed and is about to leave, the customer will receive an order/delivery confirmation in their e-mail. It is worth checking that the e-mail address in the contact information is written correctly. The order or its cancellation is always confirmed to the customer in writing by e-mail.


Postage costs

Lasessor Oy delivers the products via Posti. Our Finnish customers receive delivery to the nearest post office or home as a letter (if the order fits in the envelope). The delivery method depends on the customer's choice.

You can also choose an address other than the one in the customer's contact information as the delivery address. You should remember to check this point when placing the order, under "other delivery address". For example, a product intended as a gift can be delivered directly to its recipient.


Shipment tracking

The tracking number of the shipment will be announced in connection with the delivery confirmation. Please note, however, that there are no tracking codes for letter shipments.

After the shipment has arrived, Posti sends the customer an arrival notification via text message and email, with which the package can be picked up. You can follow the package's progress using the shipment ID on Posti's website at: www.posti.fi (on the home page under Track the shipment). Posti returns unclaimed shipments to Lasessor. Lasessor stores unclaimed shipments for 2 months at its premises at Fashion Center, Härkahaantie 14, Vantaa. Mailings cannot be tracked.


Delivery addresses to which we do not deliver

We do not deliver orders to addresses that are PO box addresses, hotels, hostels or similar addresses that cannot be directly connected to the individual customer acting as the orderer. We deliver orders to Finland.


Receipt check

The customer must carefully check the content and condition of the order and make a complaint immediately if he notices any defects or errors in the delivery. If the shipment has been visibly damaged during transport, this must also be reported to Lasessor Oy. Notification of an error or item must be made immediately and at the latest within two weeks of receiving the item electronically to our customer service at webshop@lasessor.com.



The products and their possible shipping costs are paid when ordering. Purchases are paid in our online store via Stripe, Paytrail or Paypal (credit and debit card payments).

When the customer pays with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cards, Lasessor Oy acts only as a marketer of products and services and also delivers the products to the buyer. Lasessor Oy is responsible for complaints.



All online store prices are marked in euros and include VAT.
The prices at the time of ordering are used in the online store. Possible offers and campaigns only apply to orders received and confirmed after the start of the offer or campaign. Time limits and other conditions are clearly marked on the offers. All prices are valid either for the duration of the offer or for the time being, while supplies last.


Receipt/warranty certificate

The delivery receipt is delivered with the product shipment. The receipt also serves as the product's warranty certificate.



According to the Consumer Protection Act, the customer has the right to return an unused product purchased in a remote shop within 14 days of receiving it. Contact our customer service when making a return. The return is not free.

The product must be returned intact and must be unused, in its original packaging and with original labels, i.e. in the same condition as it was when received.

In the case of a return, the customer fills out the return form and packs the product to be returned and the return form in a Lasessor bag (or other). Both the postal package and the order delivered as a letter can be returned to any Post office.

You can get more detailed instructions for the return by contacting us. When Lasessor Oy has received the appropriate product return and inspected the product, the performance paid by the customer will be returned as soon as possible (after 30 days at most) if possible using the same payment method as the customer paid for the order. Lasessor Oy does not exchange products. If you want to exchange the product, make a return and order a new product from the online store.


Quality guarantee

We carry out an individual quality check for all our products. If, despite this, errors are found in our products, we will replace the product free of charge with a new, error-free one, or alternatively return the paid amount to the customer's account.


100% satisfaction guarantee

We invest in our customers' satisfaction and we hope that both our products and services meet our customers' expectations. If for some reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the product he received, he has the right to return it within 14 days of receiving the product. Instructions for returns can be found in the Returns section of the delivery conditions. If necessary, you can get more information from our customer service, webshop@lasessor.com.


Validity of the contract terms

The terms of the contract are valid for the time being. Lasessor Oy reserves the right to change the terms of the contract unilaterally and without prior notice, however, so that the terms of the contract valid at the moment of the order are valid for the duration of the order. The up-to-date terms and conditions can be found in Lasessor's online store and should always be checked when placing an order.


Customer register

Lasessor Oy maintains a register of its customers. Information stored in the customer register is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to a third party. The statutory information about the controller of the customer register is available at webshop@lasessor.com