Fully automatic umbrella:

If the umbrella is fully auomatic, this means that there is a button on the handle that, when pressed, both opens and closes the umbrella. One should be careful not to force open the umbrella manually, as the mechanism may break if one tries to open or close the umbrella other than by pressing the button.

Semi-automatic umbrella:

The semi-automatic umbrellas open by pressing the button on the handle, but are closed manually by pulling.

Manual umbrella:

The manual umbrella is both closed and opened manually.

Teflon coating:

The Teflon-coated umbrella dries quickly by shaking off water droplets. This means the umbrella can easily be inserted into the bag immediately after usage in the rain.

In our online store you can find both high-quality umbrellas and handy raincoats and rain hats. A raincoat is a good idea when, for example, one is cycling, foraging a mushroom forest, or when the wind is so strong that un umbrella cannot be used with ease. It is important, however, to always dry the umbrella and raincoat open to ensure a long life of the product.


It is always a good idea to have several umbrellas and store them in different places; in the car, at work, in different bags, at the cottage and so on. That way you are always prepared when the rain catches you off guard!