Right to Make Online Transactions

All private persons over the age of 18 and of full legal capacity, can make transactions in the Lasessor online store. The online store is for consumer use; retailers have their own online store. We request that those customers, who are not private persons or consumers, contact our wholesale service at asiakaspalvelu@lasessor.com or call +358 (0) 9 75118820. These terms will be applied to purchases between Lasessor and consumers, when purchases are made from the Lasessor online store. 

Time of Delivery

All orders to the Lasessor online store are processed as quickly as possible. Time of delivery is 1-3 work days. The customer will receive a reception notification within 24 hours of order to the e-mail address they have given. When the order has been processed, the customer will receive an order/delivery confirmation. It is worthwhile to check that the e-mail address provided in the contact information is correctly written. The order, or its cancellation, is always confirmed to the customer in writing by e-mail.

Delivery Rates

Lasessor Ltd delivers products via Posti (Finnish Post). The available delivery methods are the Postal Parcel €4,50 or if the order fits into an envelope, you can choose a letter as the delivery method for €2,21.  If the order is too large for an envelope, the letter will not be listed as a delivery alternative in the menu.  If a customer becomes a VIP member, he or she will always get free delivery as a letter (when the order fits into an envelope) or as a parcel to the nearest post office. Free delivery for VIP member is only valid in Finland. The order can also delivered to an address other than the one listed in the customer's contact details.  This should option be checked when making an order, in the section “alternative delivery address”. For example, a product meant as a gift can be delivered directly to the gift's recipient.

Tracking Delivery

You can get the tracking code for your order from Lasessor customer service at asiakaspalvelu@lasessor.com. In the near future, the tracking code will attached to the order/delivery confirmation. When the order has arrived, Posti sends a notification of arrival to the customer by SMS and email, with which the parcel can be retrieved. The parcel can be tracked with the item code from the Itella website at www.posti.fi (on the front page in the section Track your item). Letter-deliveries cannot be tracked.  

Non-Deliverable Addresses

We do not deliver orders to post-office boxes, hotels, hostels or other addresses that are not directly connected to the private person making the order. For the time being, we only deliver orders within Finland. 

Delivery Inspection

The customer should carefully examine the contents and condition of the delivery and make an immediate reclamation if any deficiencies or errors are detectable. If the package has been visibly damaged during delivery, this should also be notified to Lasessor Ltd. Notification of error or defective goods must be made immediately and no later than two weeks within receiving the goods, by sending e-mail to our customer service at asiakaspalvelu@lasessor.com.


Products and their delivery costs are paid when making the order. Online store purchases are paid via Paytrail (online bank services, credit card payments).  
More information about payments made via Paytrail Plc at the address www.paytrail.fi/en.

When the customer pays by Visa, Visa Electron, or MasterCard, Lasessor Ltd only acts as the marketer of products and services and the provider of the products to the customer. Lasessor Ltd accounts for reclamations. When making a purchase with Visa, Visa Electron, or MasterCard, Paytrail Plc acts as the vendor and the transaction is made between the customer and Paytrail Plc. The vendor is subject to all liabilities connected with sales transactions. Paytrail Plc is also the payment recipient. The payment and finance service associated with the online bank service, is provided by Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Plc buys the payment transaction and accounts it to the dealer. From the user’s perspective, the service functions just as a traditional online bank service.

Paytrail Plc
Business ID:  2122839-7
Ohjelmakaari 10
Telephone: +358 (0) 207 181830


All online store prices are in euros and include value-added tax. The online store applies prices valid at the moment of order. Any offers or campaigns only apply to orders made and confirmed after the offer or campaign has started. Offers have explicit information of time limitations and other terms.  All prices are applicable either during an offer or for the time being, as long as the product is in stock.

Receipt/Guarantee Certificate

A receipt of the order will be provided with product delivery. The receipt also functions as a guarantee certificate.


Customers have a right, according to the Consumer Protection Act, to return an unused product acquired by remote purchase within 14 days of reception. The customer return is free of charge.
The product must be returned unharmed and unused, in its original packaging and original labelling; in other words, in the same condition it was received.  

The customer fills out a return form and places the product and the return form in the Lasessor bag (or other packaging if applicable). Both Postal parcels and letters can be returned to any Posti service outlet. Posti should be informed that the package in question is a customer return to Lasessor Ltd. Write return code 613431 and our address on to the package or letter.

Lasessor Oy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Härkähaankuja 14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                01730 Vantaa

More specific instructions and the return form will be delivered with the order. When Lasessor Ltd has received an appropriate customer return and has inspected the product, the payment made by the customer will be returned as quickly as possible (but within 30 days), by the same method the customer has made the purchase, if possible.  Lasessor Ltd does not exchange products. If the customer wants to exchange a product, a return must be made and a new product ordered from the online store.

Quality Guarantee

We perform an individualized quality check on all our products. If defects are found in our products despite this, we will naturally exchange the product to a new and flawless one without additional charge, or alternatively return the payment to the customer’s account.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

We hold customer satisfaction in high regard and hope that both our products and our service live up to customer expectations. If for some reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the product they have received, they have the right to return it within 14 days of reception. Return instructions can be found in our delivery terms in the section Returns. Additional information available from our customer service at asiakaspalvelu@lasessor.com.

Warranty Against Defects

Our umbrellas have a one (1) year warranty against manufacture’s defects. The warranty covers all defects and deficiencies caused by manufacturing. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the customer or damage due to wear from normal use. Reclamations must be made immediately after the defects has been detected. If the reclamation is not made within a reasonable time from the detection of the defect, the warranty will expire. The purchase receipt functions as a warranty certificate. The product warranty does not remove legal product responsibility – L’asessor Ltd is liable for manufacturing defects also after the warranty period. In warranty matters, we request that our customer service asiakaspalvelu@lasessor.com always be contacted before a return is made.

Validity of Contractual Terms

Contractual terms are valid for the time being. Lasessor Ltd retains the right to unilaterally change contractual terms without pre-notification, however, the terms valid at the moment the order is made, are valid for the duration of the order. Current terms can be found at the Lasessor online store and should be checked with each order.

Customer Register

Lasessor Ltd maintains a register of its customers. The information stored in the customer register is handled in confidence and will not be released to any third party. The legally required information of a customer register holder are available from the address asiakaspalvelu@lasessor.com.