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Muumi heijastinvaljaat 135-205cm B2Muumi heijastinvaljaat 135-205cm A2

Moomin Reflector Harness

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Moomin Reflective Vest

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Muumi heijastinliivi 1 lastenXXXS2-3v A1

Moomin Reflective Vest


Delightful Lasessor Moomin reflective vests provide safety in traffic and in games.

The two strong elastic side loops on both sides of the reflective vest enable wearing with winter jackets as well and offer room for growth. Through the spacious main opening, the Moomin reflective vest is easy to put on.

Lasessor Moomin reflective vests are safe, high-quality and certified EN17353 type-approved official safety products. The products are designed for the whole family. Moomin reflective vests are available in sizes for both children and adults. There are two different models and a total of five different sizes are available.


Size Age User's height A B
XXXS 2-3 <100 cm 40cm 76-86cm
XXS 4-5 115+-10cm 45cm 80-90cm
XS 6-9 135+-10cm 50cm 96-106cm
S/M   >150cm 58cm 104-114cm
L/XL   >170cm 68cm 120-130cm

The Moomin reflective vest is easy to slide on over the head for a smaller child, larger sizes can be opened at the front and come with a practical zipper.

The Moomin reflective vest provides additional safety when moving outdoors both during the day and at night. The reflective vests are excellently visible both in light and in the dark. Two wide reflective stripes and soft highly fluorescent (visible) neon-colored fabric help the wearer of the Moomin reflective vest to be seen even from a long distance.


  • 5 different sizes (XXXS - XL) to cover the whole family from the smallest to the largest
  • smallest sizes (2) pull over the head and larger (3) with zippers
  • wide reflective strips that go around the reflective vest effectively reflect light and are visible from all directions
  • neon yellow highly fluorescent color: enables excellent visibility of reflective vests in daylight (yellow fluorescent neon color stands out and is best seen in traffic)
  • flexible elastic side loops on both sides (2 x 2 pcs): the smallest models are easy to wear over the head + also fits over a jacket + offers room for growth
  • for year-round use
  • handy hanging loop for storing reflective vests
  • name tag inside reflective vest for user's name
  • material: polyester
  • water washable at 40 degrees

The Moomin reflective vest pack is the perfect gift to protect loved ones; the package can fit through the mail slot, so it is easy and inexpensive to send, for example, by mail to the destination. Our online store also offers a gift delivery service, which allows you to order and send the desired gift delivery directly to the recipient with a personal personalized greeting from the sender!

Moomin reflective vests are official Design From Finland products.

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