Moomin transparent umbrella


Lasessor's transparent Moomin umbrella

A trendy long shadow with a black frame.

A transparent umbrella is trendy, but also a practical option, for example, when the rain surprises you while moving around the city. The drops are easily separated from the surface, like all objects that usually remain in the shadow. Two people can easily fit under the large umbrella, and thanks to the shade, commuting to work, waiting at the bus stop, and walking the dog go smoothly under the protection of the rain, while listening to the drumming sound. The transparent umbrella is a stylish choice and the colorless shade blends well with different styles. 

For the edge of the long transparent umbrella, you can choose either a stylish black trim or 3M's high-quality reflective strip for protection in the dark. A transparent umbrella is made of steel and its handle is rubber coated. The shade itself is transparent soft POE plastic.

8882 The length of the shade is 84cm, the diameter when opened is 98cm

8883 The length of the shade is 85cm, the diameter when opened is 88cm

The shade has a 1-year warranty and they are products with the Design From Finland label.

Use and fall in love!

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Pitkän läpinäkyvän sateenvarjon reunaan on valittavissa joko tyylikäs musta tere tai 3M:n korkealaatuinen heijastinnauha suojaamaan pimeässä. Läpinäkyvä sateenvarjo on valmistettu teräksestä ja sen kahva on kumipinnoitettu. Itse varjo on läpinäkyvää pehmeää POE-muovia.

8882 Varjon pituus on 84cm, halkaisija avattuna 98cm

8883 Varjon pituus on 85cm, halkaisija avattuna 88cm

Varjolla on 1 vuoden takuu ja ne ovat Design From Finland -merkillä varustettuja tuotteita.

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