Moomin durable folding umbrella - 8775M


Lasessor's most popular folding umbrella

Excellent quality and durability in the same package. Now in several different Moomin designs.

The durable collapsible umbrella must be manually opened by hand. The umbrella is easy to carry with you on your wrist and thanks to its rubber-coated handle, it stays in your hand very well. 

The high-quality, widened closure strip helps to close the manually foldable umbrella, and the damp umbrella can be easily slipped into the opening of its protective bag. 

For those looking for the widest selection of colors or patterns and the best price-quality ratio, this highest-quality manual folding umbrella in our collection is the best option. 

The model's 3-part steel arm with a high-quality wind-resistant fiberglass frame outcompetes other umbrellas.

Despite the competitive price, this product does not compromise on quality. The wind-resistant umbrella has a 1-year warranty and is a product with the Design From Finland seal. 

Umbrella length when folded: 24cm, diameter when opened: 100cm.

The fabric parts are made of high-quality 190T polyester pongee, which can withstand intense use.

Buy and fall in love!

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Varjon pituus kokoon taitettuna: 24cm, halkaisija avattuna: 100cm.

Kangas-osat laadukasta 190T polyester pongeeta, joka kestää erinomaisesti kovaakin käyttöä.

Mallin 3-osainen teräsvarsi laadukkaalla tuulen kestävällä lasikuitukehikolla jättää muut varjot varjoonsa.

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Alexandra Couchaux Ouali

Muumi kestävä kokoontaitettava sateenvarjo - 8775M

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