Moomin fully automatic folding umbrella - 8772M


Lasessor's fully automatic folding Moomin umbrella

Opens and closes conveniently by pressing a button

The fully automatic collapsible umbrella is easy to carry around the wrist in a wrist strap and stays well in the hand thanks to its rubber-coated handle. The high-quality, widened closure strip helps to close the foldable umbrella, and the damp umbrella can be slipped into the easily opened protective bag. 

The wind-resistant mechanism of the shadow does not flinch, even if the wind sometimes turns the shadow's legs around; by pressing the button, the shadow closes again and the shadow's slats smoothly turn back to their original shape.

For those looking for the most user-friendly product, Lasessor's fully automatic folding umbrella is the best option. High-quality and features and details that facilitate functionality stand out and complete the best user experience.

The fabric parts of the shade are made of high-quality 190T polyester pongee, which is excellently resistant to even hard use.

Umbrella length when folded: 27cm, diameter when opened: 95cm.

The umbrella is windproof, has a 1-year warranty and is a product with the Design From Finland label. 

Take it with you and protect yourself from the rain!

Get to know Moomin products LasessorxMoomin in our online store! 

Varjon kangasosat on tehty laadukkaasta 190T polyester pongeesta, joka kestää erinomaisesti kovaakin käyttöä.

Varjon pituus kokoontaitettuna: 27cm, halkaisija avattuna: 95cm.

Sateenvarjo on tuulen kestävä, sillä on 1 vuoden takuu ja se on Design From Finland -merkillä varustettu tuote. 

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